Strats Pulled at Random

I love the sound of Strat and Tele neck pickups. The single coil tucked way up where the 24th fret would be produces such a glorious tone, which is unfortunately rare in today’s metal music.

When I first got my Agile Sentinel 7-string Strat way back in 2010 or something, I immediately started playing stuff that sort of sounded like Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden. I then started toying around with the idea of covering Meshuggah’s “Straws Pulled at Random” since it struck me how such a moving rhythm can take on a different character with a different guitar tone. It took a few years, and I only recorded the end section, but here we are.

This is somewhat of a preview for some of the aesthetics I hope to achieve with the 6th track on Synchronized Seasoning, i.e., a 22-fret single coil neck pickup tuned to drop-G#, not palm-muted. That tune should be out before the end of the decade.

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