Death Country

Track two from Transitional Farms, “Death Country”, is essentially one big rant with some possibly disingenuous optimism thrown in for good measure. When the lyrics were written, Sarah Palin had just become the center of attention in US politics, which was an interesting time for sure.

This tune features the fearless Travis Orbin on drums, replacing the original programmed ones. He ended up changing quite a few things for the better, including a “gravity blast” beat, which happens to start at the 666th beat of the song. Check out his session video on YouTube. The “1-2-3-4-5-6” vocal lead in is a continuation of the end of “Touring Kuntucky”, since 6 is the next number descending Pascal’s Triangle. Actually, this was partly an afterthought/coincidence.


Welcome to a world where everyone knows everything
And every stupid motherfucking asshole’s got to take a stand on anything
Without a doubt
Help me now
Dancin’ while I scream and shout
Assumin’ things are boomin’ but we’re headed straight for doom and I’m just sittin’ in my room and wishin’ that I wasn’t human

Hey, that’s right kids
Buy more shit
You’ll just have to get used to it
You don’t have an excuse for it
Thinkin’ is a great big waste of your time
Ignorance will lead you to peace of mind

Yeah, we’ll see the day
Leavin’ light outside the window
We’ll see the day it’ll open up
And sun begins to shine

If you’re bright they’ll try to scoop you up to make the sights
Your less gifted peers will surely need to fight
Uranium 235 will help our dogma to survive
We’ve got a flag it’s called a rag for which you die
Now, let’s go folks
Watch more sports
You don’t have enough space for it
You’ll acquire a taste for it
Mathematics helps count your wasted time
Astrology will say nothing but your sign

Say, what’s that there?
Rocks that shine
You don’t wanna get trapped by it
Rather get bitch slapped by it
Drivin’ all the compassion from my mind
Do us all a big favor and resign

© 2021 Pete Peterson. All rights reserved.