Cliff Driver

This little ditty, originally recorded in 2009, was supposed to be on a compilation album, which fell through, so it was released as a single, then re-released on Songs, These Are Songs. The drums and the piano are programmed but the “percussion” is real!



What was the mistake that brought me back here?
I’m feeling like I’m running out of air
A voluntary torturous affair
I’m floating in this poison to become unaware

Focused negativity
Can clear this sphere of confusion surrounding me
Long have I gone with nobody catching my drift
I’m driving off of a cliff

This commodity
So many locks but never the proper key
Lost in my mind I’ll sit here and wait for the shift
I’m driving off of a cliff

Got to slide
Back inside
Why go through this ritual when we are only trying to fuck?

Don’t be shy
Make that face and sell it
Drive away
Building layers of some

Just get me my guitar and I’ll play myself a solo just for fun

I’m trying to evolve my own amusement
Ears won’t stop ringing from all the cover bands singing
Feel like a drone

Ooh, ooh yeah I just don’t fit in anywhere
It’s getting hard to defend
And I don’t think that I can train myself to care

I’m driving away, driving away
I’m done with wasting my hearing if you got nothin’ to say
I’m driving away
I’m leaving tonight in the rain
It takes its toll on my so-called soul
It’s driving me insane

It kills me to be happy
No productivity
So unhip, just want to quit
Done with this industry

Done with mistakes that will lead here
Getting out and getting fresh air
Waking up from this nightmare
Driving off a cliff!
Focusing, become aware
Driving up a giant fucking cliff, yeah!

© 2021 Pete Peterson. All rights reserved.