Synchronized Seasoning

Synchronized Seasoning, released in 2021, but started roughly a decade prior, and with 6/8 of the tunes published in various levels of completeness along the way, was quite the project. A lot happened in real life during that time, and the album is meant to reflect the cycle of types of thoughts and emotions incurred therein.

I’m not totally sure if the album fully realized the vision I had for it when I first started on it way back in 2011 or something, but that’s probably the point. It started off as little inklings of ideas and these all had to be filled in and fully developed along the way, and it would have turned out much differently if I had forced myself to finish it all at once, though that probably would not have been possible.

I hope this album makes you feel some stuff, maybe even something close to what I was feeling while making it, but if you don’t, that’s okay. At least it’s done.

This little guy is available for download/streaming on bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, et al.


  1. Translational Frames
  2. Eigenvalue
  3. Cliff Walker
  4. Exclusive Orangery
  5. Singleton
  6. Slundge (The Collective)
  7. Rockwell C
  8. Reseasoned (The Cyclic)

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