Idiot Christmas

This “song” is a combination of ridiculosity and my own ignorance/confusion regarding economics, more specifically the finance “industry.” The recording features Travis Orbin’s metronome… along with his fine drumming, hehe. The drums were recorded at Taylor Larson’s studio in Bethesda, MD.


‘Tis the appropriate season to recount the tale
Of a quaint polar workshop that was too big to ummmm, fail
Some warned it was likely the boom was a bubble
But no one could pinpoint the cause of the trouble

Hey, the north pole’s economy
Has been hijacked quite financially
At the reins are snowmen creditors with sole responsibility
Killing fiscally

While pretending it would not happen at all
The price of gingerbread it then instead begins to fall
Santa needs those snowmen and agrees
It must be regulation that’s been spreading this disease

Those hard working elves
Working by themselves
Making less, working more
It’s the old class war
Not fair not fair it’s so not fair

It isn’t impossible to get your tokens for free
Collecting the compounding interest perpetually
Predicting the downfall of others an option to make one so rich
If you’re the loser well sorry your life’s such a bitch

Investment is useful for finding efficiency
Among the ones who put wealth in effectively
But when the tokens are made only virtually
Things just turn to shit!

Oh yeah they speculate!
Attempting to reap the rewards of the things they did not help create
But when there’s no memory where it came
It makes it so hard to determine if the price and value are the same

But these guys were to see their plans
Head straight for a clash with reality
True, wind mills and stagecoaches run on sunshine but
Some how how how how need to be cared for diligently

Here comes old Santa to rescue the ones that were wrong
So they could go back to the schemes that they pulled all along
He changed up the game so if you risk and fail
You will not need to suffer ‘cause out you’ll be bailed!
And meanwhile the elves are just keeping afloat and trying to capture some wind in the sails
The system relies on the fact that no one out there can figure out what this really entails
Besides that won’t impress females


A paltry ‘Making of’ video

Travis Orbin’s drum session

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