Exclusive Orangery

Here’s a new tune. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Cliff Walker

Art, entertainment, cultural cohesion, cutting rugs, radical prehistoric themes, sex, drugs, and wannabe jazz; the third track from from Synchronized Seasoning, “Cliff Walker” has it all. It’s obviously a bit of a sequel to “Cliff Driver”, but from a different (perhaps more mature) perspective.

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Following what seems to be a disturbing pattern, “Eigenvalue”, the second track from Synchronized Seasoning took way too long to finish. In fact, I’m now almost 30 years old, and this song was mostly written more than half a decade ago. The time between was filled with some tough stuff and some negative thoughts, but I kept chipping away at this beast slowly in the background. During this period I was in grad school, which is notorious for causing self-doubt, and worse. Thus, Eigenvalue is a bit dark.

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Shia LaBeouf's Suicide Note Pt. II

The first time I saw Shia LaBeouf’s “motivational” video, all I could think of was the Pantera song, so I combined them:

Translational Frames

The first Pete P song released in roughly three years, “Translational Frames” was a bit painful to write and record, due to both lack of time and motivation. Even though I am so sick of hearing it, I do think the tune is kind of cool conceptually—evolving from an idea on how to relate harmony to rhythm.

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