Slundge (The Collective)

We got ourselves a Slundge now.

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Watermelon in Easter Hay (Frank Zappa)

I love this solo, and a 7-string in drop tuning is perfect for noodling around on it.


“Singleton” from Synchronized Seasoning has been slapped together.

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San Francisco to LA in 5 Days (on a Bicycle)

I recently had a little adventure out in California, visiting my brother in San Francisco, then riding with him down to San Jose to see the Cirque du Soleil Volta show my sister works for. After that I headed off on my own down to LA. The video above has some footage from the ride, and ends with a rundown of the gear I took along.

Slapping Together Selected Sections of 'Singleton' from Synchronized Seasoning

Here’s a little video clip documenting some of the writing process for “Singleton” from Synchronized Seasoning. The latter half shows the development of a new chord—the “heartbeat chord”—based on real ECG data. It sounds terrible, but it serves to encode more information into a song that will be at least partially about relationship type stuff, or “matters of the heart.” Hopefully it isn’t too ridiculous.

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