Tracking the guitar solo for Travis Orbin's 'Parvenu'

Quite a while ago, Travis reached out and asked if I’d contribute a guitar solo for his album “Silly String III”, and here’s the result. Apparently the song was composed using the Persian scale, which I had never heard of, but was a nice place to start. Of course a bunch of pentatonic and chromatic licks snuck in there since I composed the solo by just playing with the track over and over again. I hope you dig it, and suggest you go buy the album!

Let's turn a bike ride into some music

On this short episode of “Computational Composition”, “worlds are colliding” as I try to encode a bike ride into a new tune.

Synchronized Seasoning

Hey, after like a decade the album is finally out, and with it two fresh tunes, “Rockwell C” and “Reseasoned (The Cyclic)”.

All the rest were remixed, remastered, and with any programmed drums (and samples) replaced by much cooler and badasser real drums. Take a listen on bandcamp, YouTube, or anywhere else you like to consume musics.

Searching With My Good Eye Kinda Closed

This tune from Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger is one of my favorites so I thought I’d record my interpretation, up through the first chorus at least. It’s transposed down to play on a 7-string and the intro key is sort of rationalized with the rest of the song, partly for the mechanics of playing on a 7-string, and partly because it sounds more natural to me.

Slundge (The Collective)

We got ourselves a Slundge now.

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