Touring Kuntucky in a Pig

This tune was conceived as a little hokey intro for “Death Country”. Most of the lyrics and main chord progression were written around 2007, back when I was in my previous band. Traverse Obrin is on this track drumming, stomping, and clapping his way into your heart after the barn dance. You must check out his session video, as it is the most complicated drumming he has ever done. The ending has a little numerical pattern you might recognize from high school algebra class. Also, the phrase “fun, fun, fun, fun” was recorded before Rebecca Black hit the scene so that isn’t plagiarism.


Pressure fluctuating but it’s only time that creates things in here
Mystic hexagrams from conic sections
Cycloid quadrature, my own selection
That matrix exponential thing
Those patterns Fibonacci brings

Simplifying fluid from Torricelli
Coefficients turn to geometry
The cosmic wager on your own
It’s something we have never known
And I’m just having too much fun fun fun fun
The zeroth row is only
one one
one one-two one
one one-two-three one-two-three one
one one-two-three-four…



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