Slapping Together Selected Sections of 'Singleton' from Synchronized Seasoning

Here’s a little video clip documenting some of the writing process for “Singleton” from Synchronized Seasoning. The latter half shows the development of a new chord—the “heartbeat chord”—based on real ECG data. It sounds terrible, but it serves to encode more information into a song that will be at least partially about relationship type stuff, or “matters of the heart.” Hopefully it isn’t too ridiculous.

Strats Pulled at Random

I love the sound of Strat and Tele neck pickups. The single coil tucked way up where the 24th fret would be produces such a glorious tone, which is unfortunately rare in today’s metal music.

When I first got my Agile Sentinel 7-string Strat way back in 2010 or something, I immediately started playing stuff that sort of sounded like Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden. I then started toying around with the idea of covering Meshuggah’s “Straws Pulled at Random” since it struck me how such a moving rhythm can take on a different character with a different guitar tone. It took a few years, and I only recorded the end section, but here we are.

This is somewhat of a preview for some of the aesthetics I hope to achieve with the 6th track on Synchronized Seasoning, i.e., a 22-fret single coil neck pickup tuned to drop-G#, not palm-muted. That tune should be out before the end of the decade.

Exclusive Orangery

Here’s a new tune. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Cliff Walker

Art, entertainment, cultural cohesion, cutting rugs, radical prehistoric themes, sex, drugs, and wannabe jazz; the third track from from Synchronized Seasoning, “Cliff Walker” has it all. It’s obviously a bit of a sequel to “Cliff Driver”, but from a different (perhaps more mature) perspective.

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Following what seems to be a disturbing pattern, “Eigenvalue”, the second track from Synchronized Seasoning took way too long to finish. In fact, I’m now almost 30 years old, and this song was mostly written more than half a decade ago. The time between was filled with some tough stuff and some negative thoughts, but I kept chipping away at this beast slowly in the background. During this period I was in grad school, which is notorious for causing self-doubt, and worse. Thus, Eigenvalue is a bit dark.

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