Translational Frames

The first Pete P song released in roughly three years, “Translational Frames” was a bit painful to write and record, due to both lack of time and motivation. Even though I am so sick of hearing it, I do think the tune is kind of cool conceptually—evolving from an idea on how to relate harmony to rhythm.

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Session Tune: Travis Orbin's 'Watchpork'

A few months back my good pal Travis Orbin asked if I would play bass on and mix/produce a song for him, which he composed a few years ago and actually showed me before he tracked the drums for “Bugz” and “Idiot Christmas” in 2009. I decided to take the gig since the song’s absurdity and uniqueness doesn’t end at its title, and it presented a formidable challenge—the bass. The part Travis wrote was quite difficult and took a long time to learn, rehearse, and record. In fact, there’s one tiny part that was beyond me and had to be programmed (what a wimp, eh?), though the rest of the bass is a blend of programmed samples and real bass. Travis supplied the drums fully-mixed, which only took a little tweaking to fit with the rest of the instruments, making the mixing job quite a bit easier. All in all, it was a fun and worthwhile project and I hope to work on more of Travis’ songs in the future. Check out his session video below and be sure to download the song from his bigcartel store.

I Have Been in You (Frank Zappa cover)


Yo dawg!

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